LAST NIGHT, I SAW BUILT TO SPILL. FOR THE FIRST TIME. It was seriously fucking awesome and I don’t even mind that the Jesus and Mary Chain didn’t show up. Doug came out and let the audience write the setlist, which was killer except that every song I’d say he said he couldn’t play… I rocked out so hard that I had like 5 photographers doing the event take my picture at one time. So if any of you guys see this… tell me where my photos are going to end up. At the very end Doug threw his handwritten setlist to some girls at the front so I rushed over and offered to pay her $50 for it, not kidding. Her friend told her that I deserved it because I was rocking out harder than anyone, so she just gave it to me! I then proceeded to give her a hug, which Daniel said was creepy but IDGAF! The only bummer part, with an upside, they jammed really hard on Carry the Zero which was amazing but they didn’t have time for Broken Chairs, which would’ve blown me away. The song I want to see live the most would probably be Goin’ Against Yr Mind though, duh.

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    Doug Martsch seems really nice.
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    omg. this is AMMAAAZZIINGGG!! if they play carry the zero tonight, i just might cry or something idk. SO EXCITED!
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